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Frequently Asked Questions

Why meditate?

Scientific studies have shown that chronic stress can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach ulcers, anxiety, depression, cancer, insomnia, obesity, autoimmune diseases and premature aging. In meditation the body releases stress and toxins and reverses the stress response- the fight/flight response which is hardwired into our DNA since ancient times and causes our body and mind to respond aggressively to some perceived threat to our security. In fight/flight our blood pressure increases, heart rate increases, breathing becomes fast and shallow, we perspire, stress hormones flood the system etc, essentially the body becomes totally constricted.

Meditation also enhances concentration, memory and our ability to learn. It helps create more harmonious relationships in our personal, social and work lives. It soothes and calms the nervous system leading to decreased anxiety and depression.

Who should take this course?

This course will benefit anyone who wants to reduce stress, sleep better and improve their health on every level. If you have tried meditation before and are struggling to make it a habit Primordial Sound Meditation will help you to establish a daily meditation practice with all the ensuing profound health benefits.

What is the difference between meditation and spending time in silence?

In meditation our mantra takes us beyond mind and body and connects us to our soul essence whereas spending time in silence is dependent on our state of consciousness at any particular time e.g. if we have an argument with someone and then go somewhere for peace and silence, the silence is somewhat beneficial, but our mind is still in a whirl of emotions and feelings. Time spent in Meditation can dissipate any toxic emotions that we are holding onto.

What about having thoughts during meditation?

Thoughts are a natural part of the meditation process. We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day, we can’t stop thoughts, it’s impossible, have you ever tried? The mantra helps us to disconnect from our thoughts. When we use our mantra in meditation it has the effect of taking us beyond thought to pure awareness.

Is meditation like being asleep or in a trance?

No, when we are asleep or in a trance that is a state of restful dullness, whereas when we meditate we are in a state of restful alertness. Meditation wakes us from the sleep and trance of our conditioned lives to a greater state of awareness.

What if I am restless, frustrated and can’t sit still?

This is a very common occurrence, it’s a sign that stress is being released from your body and mind. At this time stay with your meditation unless it becomes too uncomfortable, and you have to come out of meditation. Allow the restlessness and frustration to surge through and leave your body. Then you can return to your meditation and finish out your session.

What if I want to stop in the middle of meditation?

This is the ego wanting to be in control as usual, meditation takes us beyond the ego, beyond control and into a space of unlimited freedom. The ego will feel threatened when we sit down to meditate and will always come up with reasons to stop the meditation. We must be a little disciplined and continue to meditate for the time we have set for ourselves.

Is it ok to meditate with other people?

Yes, in fact when we meditate a certain coherence and positive energy is created. It has been said that the effect of meditating with other people is greater than the sum of the individual parts. A much larger energy field is created in a group meditation rather than individuals meditating alone. It’s very enjoyable to meditate with other people.

If I have a difficult time staying awake during meditation?

The urge to sleep during meditation is very common. If it becomes difficult to stay awake then sleep, it’s not a good idea to force oneself to stay alert. It’s literally a sign that we are not getting enough sleep at night. However if you find yourself falling asleep regularly during meditation, look at your lifestyle and ask yourself- am I getting enough sleep? Am I eating a healthy diet? Do I exercise regularly? Do I have a work overload? etc.

How will I find time to meditate every day?

In the world today we are constantly playing catch up, how could we find time to meditate? However if you believe in the value of meditation, you will discipline yourself and find time to meditate. Many people find that they become more organized and more efficient with their time and are able to fulfil all their other necessary tasks.

How can meditation help people around me?

Everything we do in life affects everything else in creation even if on a more subtle level. As we practice meditation the positive changes like more joy, compassion ,understanding, kindness and many other expansive qualities will radiate out into the lives of other people.

How long will it be before I notice the benefits of meditation?

We all progress at a different rate in meditation; however the benefits will begin to accumulate almost immediately. If we meditate regularly, we will notice the benefits depending on whatever rate and speed our bodies assimilate them. However, we ourselves may not notice the changes at first, it’s other people who notice them. As long as we meditate regularly the benefits will continue to show up in our lives.